5 Dog Tooth Brushing Secrets

Dog Tooth Brushing - Image of small dog and tooth brush with toothpaste

5 Secrets For Establishing A Successful Dog Tooth Brushing Routine

Does your dog have bad breath! Many dogs are prone to gum infections and consequently have bad breath. Or maybe he has just eaten something bad.

Purely as a preventative measure for your puppy’s good health it is simple common sense to develop a dog tooth brushing routine, ideally from a young age, and to continue it throughout his life.

If you are lucky, brushing your dogs’ teeth is a simple task. But for many, good luck even getting your dog’s mouth open, let alone brushing his teeth!

This post has some excellent tips to help you do a much better job with this important task.

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Dog Tooth Brushing - image of Freddy's pawFreddy says ‘Woof!