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Here are our reviews of the best online dog and puppy training sites we have found, as well as other related resources we think are valuable e.g. books and other items.

Review of “The Online Dog Trainer”

pack - leader Doggy Dan with Moses his puppy at Sunset - reviewsDoggy Dan is a full-time professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist who offers a comprehensive online video-based training programme called “The Online Dog Trainer”. It is different from most other dog training sites because of his focus on dog owners needing to be the pack leader.

This online training website is a massive resource in the form of hundreds of coaching videos that you can access 24/7 from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Our review includes a video introduction from Doggy Dan himself and also video testimonials from his customers.

Click here to read our full personal review of “The Online Dog Trainer”,  


Review of “The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package”

Dog Training Mastery - collage of all components of the multimedia packageThis package brings the most popular dog training and dog health-care products from Kingdom of Pets bundled together for a very reasonable price.

Note also that you can also purchase the separate components if you are only interested in part of the package (see links at the bottom of the review).

You get everything you need to: It includes:
  • Improve your dog’s obedience
  • eBooks
  • Resolve your puppy’s potty training
  • audio books
  • Learn about and take care of your dog’s health needs.
  • video tutorials

Click here to read our full personal review of “The Dog Training Mastery Multimedia Package”


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