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Training your puppy or dog how to do the things you want him to do, thus eliminating undesirable and problem behaviour and making him a better friend.

Doggy Sleeping Positions

image of doggy sleeping positions

6 Doggy Sleeping Positions That Tell You A Lot About Your Beloved Pup

As much as we would love our pets to be able to actually speak to us about themselves, they just can’t. So sometimes, we as pet owners have to learn what they like and don’t like by taking notice of many important clues and information they can provide.

For example, as you may know, we can learn a lot about human behavior and an individual’s moods from being aware of the signals given to us by their body language, including facial expressions and body positions. And so it is with our canine family members.Read More »Doggy Sleeping Positions

Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

Why do dogs dig - Image of dog in bed.

Why do dogs dig?

Why do dogs dig and scratch before they settle down to sleep, no matter what effect it has on your couch, bed, or carpet? They circle around and sniff and scratch before finally settling, and in the process often re-arrange all their bedding.

Recently, as temperatures started to dip, I found a thick throw rug at a thrift store. I thought it looked like a warm bit of bedding that my dog could use Read More »Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

Why Do Dogs Howl?

why do dogs howl - young beagle male howlingWhy Do Dogs Howl

All is serene and you are enjoying the moment, when a soulful sound startles you out of your quiet zone. As you scamper to find out what could have disturbed the tranquillity you can’t help but wonder – why do dogs howl?

Rushing on, you find Butch on his rump howling his heart out as if in some state of transcendental meditation. Having not gone through this experience before, it almost raises the hairs of the nape of your neck.Read More »Why Do Dogs Howl?

How to Train a Puppy

how to train a puppy - image of cute black puppy in green grassThey ooze cuteness, but if you aren’t sure how to train a puppy, they soon wear you out. You may be tired, your slippers may be chewed and your carpets ruined, but you owe it to yourself and to your little canine to train him as early as possible.

The first few days of owning a puppy are more often than not filled with moments of laughter, joy and pleasant surprises galore. Along with those pleasant surprises, however, if not properly trained, they can spring a fair few unpleasant surprises too.

Train your puppy today, and you’ll set a precedent for the rest of his life–and yours alongside him. He will be a better friend.Read More »How to Train a Puppy

Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

cool tricks - image of 9 month old English Bulldog shaking handsDogs are a great source of entertainment, home of endless love and something to embrace. All dogs love playing with their owners, so knowing cool tricks to teach your dog can be a perfect way to let him earn your praise and love.

There are hundreds of cool tricks to teach your dog, all of which make it exciting and entertaining to have a dog.

To keep your furry companion mentally stimulated and safe, it’s vital to first teach your dog basic tricks, such as stay, sit, lie-down and heel. These ‘tricks’ are fundamental to training him to learn other, more difficult tricks. Teaching your dog some basic commands will help take the level of affection up to the next level.Read More »Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

How To Potty Train a Puppy

how to potty train a puppy - photo of puppy looking at urine puddle on a white floorLearning how to potty train a puppy is one of the first things you need to begin before your new puppy arrives home.

Watching your little munchkin grow up to be a full-grown dog is one joy you can never exchange for anything. He brings you so much laughter and pleasant surprises in many ways you wouldn’t mind redoing those puppy days.

But, short of getting a diaper for your puppy, there is no foolproof plan to stopping him from soiling your house. Thankfully, you can always get him to learn that he needs to keep his living area free of poop or pee.

Read More »How To Potty Train a Puppy

How To Leash Train a Puppy

how to leash train a puppy - golden retriever walking on leash with happy smileIf you’ve been struggling and are wondering how to leash train a puppy, I’m about to make your life easier by providing you with some helpful tips.

Puppies are joyful little bundles of exuberance, and adding one to the family roster is a sure-fire way to brighten any household. However, puppies do require patience from the outset as they seldom obey the rules you set out for them.

They may be tiring, they may be the bane of your slippers and socks, but your puppies are worth every minute of your time.Read More »How To Leash Train a Puppy