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Top 10 Dog Training Myths – Part 1

The 10 Biggest Dog Training Myths – Part 1

Myths 1 to 5

There’s so much conflicting stuff out there on the internet. And most of it is absolute hogwash. Let’s delve into Part 1 of 2 of the 10 most commonly misunderstood topics.

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1. Dog training takes lots of time

This is simply not true.

Dogs are simple animals, they love to walk and exercise at least once a day but for great periods of time a happy dog will also sleep for long periods.

2. There is only one pack leader in the home

That a dog will only have one master is also not true.

Dogs can respect all the humans in the home and see them as the pack leaders if you train them that way.

3. Attending puppy school is really important

Far too many people rush their new puppies off to the local class where they sit around with a couple of other puppies for an hour a week learning very little.

Getting important knowledge is more important than attending puppy school.

4. Quality dog training is expensive

Sadly most people spend a fortune for very poor advice simply because they don’t know where to go to get great training.

Many people have spent thousands on pre-puppy school, puppy school, dog obedience classes, agility classes, and dog behaviourists – and they still have nightmare issues with their dog.

5. You can train a dog using only Positive reinforcement

Positive training is great; however it’s not a complete solution!

Sometimes you do also need to step in put a stop to unwanted behaviour.

Positive reinforcement, such as treats, has a place in dog training but too often it’s used incorrectly which creates more problems than it solves.

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