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Image of Online Dog Trainer Doggy Dan with his puppy MosesThe Online Dog Trainer

Doggy Dan, otherwise known as “The Online Dog Trainer”, is a full-time professional dog trainer and behavioural specialist who offers a comprehensive online video-based training programme.

His website is different from most other dog training sites because of his focus on the importance of dog owners needing to clearly become the pack leader of their puppies and dogs as the foundation for all other training.

This online training website is a massive resource in the form of hundreds of coaching videos that you can access 24/7 from your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Doggy Dan’s website and training methods are fully endorsed by the Royal New Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The RNZSPCA promote Doggy Dan’s training through rescue shelters because they know the training works. They also know that rescue-dog owners using it are more likely to keep the dog they have rescued.

And, they even have a link to his website on their home page. In itself, that speaks volumes.

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Over 250 videos

There are over 250 videos alone on the site covering everything from how to become the pack leader, to calming a dog down in the car. Everything you can imagine is covered. The quality of the training content is excellent.

Many of the training videos are of real consultations that Doggy Dan has conducted, showing him applying his teachings to problem dogs.

Interview With Doggy Dan

When watching Doggy Dan videos his knowledge and passion about making a difference to the lives of dogs and their owners is clearly apparent. Doggy Dan has a very pleasant calm and relaxed manner. He makes learning fun for both you and your dog. You’ll be able to see this for yourself when you watch the video below.

Pack Leader

Doggy Dan bases all his training around the fundamental pack leader philosophy. Namely, that before you can train your dog to be a better friend; he has to know you are his pack leader. This is a significant issue and the simple foundation of all good poodle training.

5 Golden Rules

Screen Shot of 5 Golden Rules drop down menu on Online Dog Trainer website to follow to establish yourself as the pack leaderDoggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules in the pack leader section are worth their weight in gold alone. This is something all new dog owners should be taught. Either on the day they get their dog, or ideally a week or two before the pup’s arrival.

When you apply Doggy Dan’s 5 Golden Rules patiently and persistently you will be clearly established as the pack leader by your puppy. This is the key to success.

It’s also important that other family members learn and apply these rules so they can be consistently applied. If you take your time with this section of the training and even repeat it several times, you will make a great start.

Once you have achieved the position of pack leader in your dog’s mind, you will find many of your dog’s antisocial behaviours just go away anyway. Those that are left are much easier to deal with. This is because your pup will take more notice of what you say and do. You can then move on to the puppy training or dog training sections, or the specific training problem you need to deal with.

Be the pack leader and it is much easier to teach your puppy, and make him a better friend.

Every Day Tools and Techniques

Screenshot of the Online Dog Trainer website links to everyday tools and techniques for training your dogThe next step is to review and learn the many everyday tools and techniques Doggy Dan teaches – button links are provided on the home page (RH column). You can learn when and how to use them, and what message each one gives your dog.

My advice is to become familiar with all these valuable before you to to the problem-solving section.

If you do, your dog may take no notice of you anyway – because he probably still thinks he is the pack leader.

Poodles like Freddy learn fast, as do many other breeds, but all dogs respond quickly to this principle.

Gentle method and techniques

Online Dog Trainer Doggy Dan and his puppy MosesWhat makes this method so special and different? It’s because when you use this method, you are joining a movement of gentle and kind dog training. This movement is incredibly powerful and is spreading across the world.

The method is unique because it uses no fear or aggression. It’s about encouraging your dog to change their behaviour of their own free will. Doggy Dan has no time for punishment, apart from the occasional need to isolate your dog to correct certain behaviours.

Remove the main problem, namely that your dog thinks he is the pack leader, and he will become more relaxed and responsive to your wishes. As a result, he becomes a much better friend to you and your family.

Dogs are a completely different species to humans and we need to learn their language in order to manage their behaviour. You have to learn to think like a dog. Applying human psychology to a dog simply doesn’t work.

Puppy Training

Online Dog Trainer- image of puppy Moses playing with Doggy Dan's dog PeanutA new and unique resource on the site is called Project Moses. If you have a new puppy, you will love this. Doggy Dan had a tiny new puppy named Moses, and he recorded videos of every stage of his training from age 8 weeks old.

Those videos are all on the site. The footage of Moses learning new commands step-by-step and growing into a much better friend is excellent.

With this superb concept, Doggy Dan has built a puppy-training product he could sell on its own if he chose to. But it is available to all members as part of the programme. There is nothing to compare this to.

The Forum

When you become a member, one of your free bonuses is a member’s only Forum. Doggy Dan answers all the questions himself quickly and gently as always with specific professional advice for you. Having direct access to Doggy Dan is a HUGE member bonus.

In most online forums you are left to chat with other members to decide the next step, or someone else is employed to respond to member’s questions.

Dog Behavioural issues

Screenshot from Online Dog Trainer website showing drop-down menu items for "Puppy Training"You name it – it’s covered. Barking, biting, jumping up, aggression, chewing, separation anxiety, house training, and much, much more!

Doggy Dan has a special ability to help dog owners understand the true cause of their dog’s issues. As a result, he also ensures you and your dog develop a stronger relationship and so become better friends.

No dog is too old, or too stubborn “to learn new tricks”. Doggy Dan can help you with them all. But first, you need to properly understand them. The Online Dog Trainer helps you do just that.

Audio Files

There is also half hour audio files for owners who want to get into real depth with topics – while they are doing other things. The website adds new high-quality audio files regularly. They cover topics like toilet training through to how to be the pack leader.

Exceptional $1 Trial

And NOW, you can get all this for a $1 trial of the site for 3 days – an amazing offer from Doggy Dan. The $1 Trial means you can check out the entire site yourself and get a first-hand feel for how the site works.


The online testimonials about The Online Dog Trainer are great to read and to watch. These live and fully genuine comments are posted using the 3rd party Facebook application. Only the person posting the comment has any access to them…they are all 100% genuine, totally real comments from real people. Check some of these on the video below …

What It Costs

Online Dog Trainer - image of 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee sealAfter the 3-day $1 trial, you pay $37 per month, and it’s worth every cent. The Online Dog Trainer gives you everything, especially the understanding about being the pack leader. As I said, this alone often solves virtually all dog behavioural problems. I did some homework and learned that a real dog trainer for a house visit can cost on average $400 for a few hours only.

And, if your dog has only one or two issues you want to correct, you may only need access for one or two months.

PLUS, you have nothing to lose! Because The Online Dog Trainer offers a 60-day money back guarantee to give you complete confidence and no risk in your purchase.

Final Thoughts

This amazing training programme is endorsed by a national SPCA has over 250 videos, and Doggy Dan personally helps you in the forum. So, when you add in Project Moses from 8 weeks of age, the complete section on becoming the pack leader, a “no force no fear” method, every behavioural issue addressed, this is a one-stop, complete dog training solution available 24/7 on your computer or any mobile device.

I’m very impressed, and I’m sure you will be too!

Freddy and I hope you enjoyed our review of “The Online Dog Trainer”

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Click Here for Doggy Dan’s Introductory $1 Membership Offer …

You’ll have a much better friend when you make the effort.

Freddy Sig - pack leaderFreddy says ‘Woof!’