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5 Best Dog Foods – Honest Product Reviews

Dog eating from stainless steel food bowl

Don’t buy a bag or can of food for your pet until you read these honest dog food reviews

When you treat your dogs like small members of your own family, you need to feed them the right type of food. The best dog food is one that will extend the life of your pet. You’ll find a number of different options such as wet or dry food. Dry food features crunchy pellets, while wet food has a softer texture. When searching for the top dog food, you may want to consider the age Read More »5 Best Dog Foods – Honest Product Reviews

Doggy Sleeping Positions

image of doggy sleeping positions

6 Doggy Sleeping Positions That Tell You A Lot About Your Beloved Pup

As much as we would love our pets to be able to actually speak to us about themselves, they just can’t. So sometimes, we as pet owners have to learn what they like and don’t like by taking notice of many important clues and information they can provide.

For example, as you may know, we can learn a lot about human behavior and an individual’s moods from being aware of the signals given to us by their body language, including facial expressions and body positions. And so it is with our canine family members.Read More »Doggy Sleeping Positions

Dog Tooth Brushing Secrets

Dog Tooth Brushing - Image of small dog and tooth brush with toothpaste

5 Secrets For Establishing A Successful Puppy Tooth Brushing Routine

Dog tooth brushing is an important routine. Does your dog have bad breath! Many dogs are prone to gum infections and consequently have bad breath. Or maybe he has just eaten something bad.

Purely as a preventative measure for your puppy’s good health it is simple common sense to develop a dog tooth brushing routine, ideally from a young age, and to continue it throughout his life.

If you are lucky, Read More »Dog Tooth Brushing Secrets

Divorce Creates Broken Hearted Pets …

Broken hearted petsBroken Hearted Pets

Breaking up is hard to do, and it often creates broken hearted pets, leaving them feeling anxious and confused.

It’s often because pets are legally classed as property. So they are used as a pawn in the arguments and bargaining that goes on between estranged couples.

And the pet doesn’t always end up in the “right” home after a split. Seems like the focus is often on how pets can help humans Read More »Divorce Creates Broken Hearted Pets …

Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

Why do dogs dig - Image of dog in bed.

Why do dogs dig?

Why do dogs dig and scratch before they settle down to sleep, no matter what effect it has on your couch, bed, or carpet? They circle around and sniff and scratch before finally settling, and in the process often re-arrange all their bedding.

Recently, as temperatures started to dip, I found a thick throw rug at a thrift store. I thought it looked like a warm bit of bedding that my dog could use Read More »Why Do Dogs Dig in Their Beds?

Dog’s best friend?


Dog's best friend - Red haired woman with tattooed arm holding dog with lipstick kisses on face

Who is a dog’s best friend?

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but who is a dog’s best friend? In terms of the best dog advocates and dog rescue, that honor goes to women.

It’s Women’s History Month, so let’s honor some of the great women of animal welfare! They’ve been the strongest advocates of the animal rescue movement since its beginning and have remained some of the most dedicated animal advocates over the years.

Read More »Dog’s best friend?

Dogs can read human emotions

Dog with young girl - dogs recognize human emotionsNew research shows dogs can form abstract mental representations of negative and positive human emotions and recognize how their owner is feeling.

Researchers have recently found dogs can recognize human emotions by combining information from different senses.

They are the only creatures other than humans which apparently have that ability.

University animal behavior experts and psychologists demonstrated that dogs Read More »Dogs can read human emotions