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Divorce Creates Broken Hearted Pets …

Broken hearted petsBroken Hearted Pets

Breaking up is hard to do, and it often creates broken hearted pets, leaving them feeling anxious and confused.

It’s often because pets are legally classed as property. So they are used as a pawn in the arguments and bargaining that goes on between estranged couples.

And the pet doesn’t always end up in the “right” home after a split. Seems like the focus is often on how pets can help humans during times of separation or upheaval. Therefore much less attention is given to what’s right for the pet.

They are often kept with the children to provide a sense of security and to reduce the damage of separation on the kids. But this can mean they are unable to settle in their usual residence or with the person best suited to care for them.

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Broken hearted pets - image of Freddy's pawFreddy says ‘Woof!