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How To Stop A Dog From Digging

how to stop a dog from digging - cartoon of dog digging hole with a shovelFinding out the answer to the question ‘why do dogs dig?’ helps you understand your bud all the better. Once you get to know this, you can create an environment that is serene and safe for both you and your dog. Read on to find out more about how to stop a dog from digging!

Dogs still have their natural instincts right at the surface, and if you’ve been wondering whether your pooch has finally gone off the deep end with all the digging, don’t worry, it is not so. He is just being his good old natural self.

How To Stop A Dog From Digging – Tips and Tricks

Comfort is Key

Since your dog has his instincts close at hand, he might just decide to build himself a bed or a home with his claws. Not that you are not doing a superb job, but if Mr. Mutt feels there’s more he can do for himself he will do it.

how to stop a dog from digging - cartoon gif image of dog diggingThis can lead to digging up your treasured backyard. This may just mean he is looking for nothing but protection from the elements. If you find he has dug himself a nice hole he lies in, then this is the case. This can mean it is either too hot or it has gotten too chilly for his comfort.

So take it upon yourself as his owner and friend to make sure that his housing is comfortable and warm and he will love you all the more for it.

If you think the weather might be too extreme for him to be protected then keep him inside the house. You also need to make sure that he has a good source of hydration to cool off. Get a water bowl that has a stable base that can’t be overturned. This is one sure way how to stop a dog from digging.

Remember, though, as you see him clawing at the carpet before he curls up, he has an instinct to be in a den as his ancestors. That is one of the reasons why dogs dig.

On The Hunt

Dogs are rarely without something fun to do. If it is not sniffing around and getting all the new scents, they’ll be out seeking prey for lunch or just to play with. They relish in the discovery and hunting of different animals. Woe unto you if you have any of these critters burrowed underneath your yard.

Your pooch may have just discovered this and will burrow in so energetically you’ll be forgiven for thinking he has been dosed with some super dog serum.

Hunting comes as second nature to many breeds, and the only way to stop dogs from digging in this case is to take away the prey. If you find they are digging close to trees or shrub roots, or they are very keen on one particular spot, then you have found another answer as to why dogs dig. You may also see him digging and sniffing as if in search of something really important in this one spot.

Just Keeping the Claws Busy

Now for some reason, digging is a dog hobby. Now before you start going all judgmental on your best bud, know that humans don’t fall too far off. That’s right!

how to stop a dog from digging-cartoon of dog digging hole with shovel with caption "I was sure that bone was right here!"What with gardening, sand box playing for the kids and playing on the beach with sand, there is always quite some digging involved here. So before you go pointing an accusing finger at your pooch, consider that you may have triggered it when he saw you out gardening.

He can be doing this because he is just plain bored and he wants to entertain himself. He could also be keeping busy since you offer him nothing else to do.

Dogs have an enormous amount of stored energy and it has to be expelled somewhere. And your yard looks so inviting just sitting there! And one never knows what treasures he might find hidden within.

Your buddy may also be having his own fortress underneath the dirt. Dogs like to keep their treasures buried. From bones to toys and assorted treasures, your best bud could have buried anything that tickles his fancy.

Slowing Down Those Claws

However much you accept your dog as he is, you still love your yard landscaped as it is, not cratered. Because of this you need to know how to stop a dog from digging in order to preserve your yard.

Knowing the reasons why he attacks the earth with his claws will help you stop this bad habit. Knowing that one of the triggers to digging is discomfort, you can cater to his housing needs as stated earlier.

Make sure that your playmate is comfortable in all forms of weather. Be sure to put yourself in his shoes. If it’s too cold for you outside and he does not have adequate shelter, then it is also too cold for him.

Make sure his kennel is soft where he lays, as finding a soft spot is another reason why do dogs dig.

Getting rid of any animals that may have made a home under your yard will also help him stop raking the yard. If you do not know which animal it is you are well advised to call the authorities to deal with it.

Taking away their motivation is the best method of how to stop a dog from digging. Spending time with him and exercising him will take away his boredom and drain his excessive energies. That will leave both of you a lot happier and your yard free of bulldozing.

Freddy and I hope we have answered your question ‘how to stop a dog from digging?’

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